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I can't quit thinking about this movie after seeing it last night! The ending however had everyone in the theater gasping. “An assistant, who has subsequently become a very successful executive, said, ‘There’s this guy called Rob Pattinson from the fourth Mr.Wachsberger further stated that Pattinson got a very little salary for the first part, but his lawyers renegotiated the payment after the enormous success of the first vampire-human romantic film in the series.

debunked these claims and stated the possibility of their reunion on the big screen is very slim.It's also the only place where you sit at said table dressed as (gender bender) Mario and engage in conversation while eating with Kylo Ren, John Snow, and Princess Leia, and it's all normal!Anyway, here's a recap of my Mega Con experience: Before I start, let me just say that I failed to attend to some panels because the lines were super long and sometimes some panels' time clashed with a panel I was already at.Twilight film series has grossed over .3 billion in worldwide receipts and consists, to date, of five motion pictures.The Twilight Saga is was one of the biggest media phenomenon of this century.

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